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Sasha casey, Summer Rae, Alice Frost, Maia Davis, Savannah Fox

For those of you who fancy a free-for-all fabulous fuck-fest, your dreams have come true. Once again, we’ve assembled a stellar cast of five of the nastiest, most gluttonous cock-crazed sluts we could find, Alice Frost, Maia Davis, Sasha Case, Savannah Fox, and Summer Rae, whose voracious sexual appetites know no bounds. We’ve added five of our most steadfast, steely studs, Jay Crew, Dick Chibbles, Chad Diamond, and Jack Vegas; now, let’s let nature take its course! Knowing that, once this group of ravenous, depraved, sybaritic sex fiends got together, the results would be a forgone conclusion, we just stood back with camera in hand to capture the inevitable extraordinary carnal volcanic eruption of fiery frenzied sucking and fucking that would surely follow, and boy were we right. Like sharks in a sexual feeding frenzy, their voracious appetites are boundless, so rest assured every honey pot will be licked, every potent prick will be sucked, and every hungry hole will be fervently fucked in every position imaginable, with more multiple mix and match combinations than there are in a Rubik's Cube, including some astounding acrobatics that have to be seen to be believed. As an added treat, you’ll be amazed that this depraved free-for-all is cute little red-haired Sasha Case’s first sex scene on camera, but you’d suspect it because she takes to it like a duck takes to water, out-fucking some of the more seasoned veterans but enjoying it just as much, if not more so. She eagerly strives to sample all of the available talent, both male and female, every way that she possibly can, including offering to be the base of a sexual pyramid of pounding. This rookie’s got spunk, and now splooge as well. Don’t try to figure out who’s doing what to whom, just enjoy let this decadent display wash over you like a tidal wave or lustful abandon. It’s obvious that these folks are having a good ole time, laughing, joking, licking, sucking, fucking, with pussies squirting and gut-wrenching multiple orgasms, as these voracious trollops have way too many screaming, eye-rolling to the back of the head orgasms to keep track of. Like good friends at an all you can eat buffet, the guys pass the girls around, expounding upon their sexual virtues and why their compadres absolutely have to experience their various sexual charms. As an extra added bonus, there is a hidden Easter egg hunt; see if you can figure out which girl had a heart tattooed inside of her hooch. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and, in the grand finale, our goosy gang of virile, zealously impassioned manly men let fly some supreme seminal eruptions, plastering the faces of our horny harlots with their gooey goop and leaving the sultry strumpets looking like a freshly baked batch of glazed donuts. Veteran cocksman Jay tells us that Summer Rae has tightest pussy that he’s every fucked in his long, illustrious career, so she gets the last word as she speaks to the camera with a big smile stretching from ear to ear, and a pint of baby batter splattered all over her face, “Best orgy ever! I had sooo much fun!” So heed her enthusiastic endorsement and watch this scene; you’ll have sooo much fun, watching the best orgy ever!

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Nikki Hunter

Nikki Hunter is the epitome of the blond bombshell, with a face and body made for sin. The scene starts off with her in bed with a big, beefy black guy who’s apparently trying to make it as trumpet player, looking for his big break. Nikki reminds him that he owes her, so he starts to kiss and fondle her fabulous body to pay his debt. Proving that he actually can play pretty well, he puts his trumpet on her boob while playing a blues riff, which apparently vibrates her nipples in a very pleasurable way. He goes on to play on her ass to vibrate it as well. I thought I had seen everything, but I have never seen a trumpet used as a sonic sex vibrator before. Apparently she gets off on his musical composition, because Nikki gets wound up and ready to show him how well she can blow his impressive, pitch-black, fleshy horn of plenty. Nikki, devours his cock like a shark in the middle of a feeding frenzy. With no obvious gag reflex, she deepthroats with ease, giving a glorious, sloppy, nasty blowjob as he licks her pierced, shaved pussy in a 69. Nikki typifies the old cliché that she can suck the chrome off a bumper. Eager to put his ebony wonder wand into her bejeweled, pierced pussy, she mounts him in reverse cowgirl, going from zero to sixty in one second flat. This insatiable slut can’t get enough, and starts coming quickly, and never seems to stop. She fucks like a woman, who is possessed by some sort of sex demon. She is the perfect slut in every aspect, talking dirty par excellence, giving a blowjob that could raise the dead, fucking like an insatiable banshee succubus, and loving every minute of it as she cums like a freight train with no brakes. After driving him crazy sucking her slut juice off his potent pecker, she re-mounts him in cowgirl, galloping towards some debauched, euphoric rapture while showcasing her amazing ass, which the guy enjoys spanking, putting her into overdrive. Nikki’s indefatigable lust is like a force of nature, an awesome power to behold. Taking control, he flips her into missionary, plowing her slut box and slamming his inky black pillar of pleasure into her until she screams with orgasmic, gut-wrenching elation. Looking to tickle her tonsils, he lays her on the edge of the bed, with her head is hanging off, so as to open up her throat for a good throat-fucking, which she seems to truly relish. From there he grabs her up, flipping her upside down for a vertical 69 with Nikki slobbering all over his knob while he licks her honeyed hole standing up. Tossing her down on the bed, he plows her slutty furrow in spoon while she frenetically fingers her magic button, bringing her to a multitude of gut-wrenching, screaming orgasms, Unable to hold back any longer, the dude pulls out, spraying his sweet slut sauce into her mouth and filling it to the brim, which is a protein drink that puts a smile on her face as she savors it, licking every drop from her lips to insure none escapes her. Nikki is truly an insatiable slut extraordinaire. A true sex Goddess incarnate.

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Kali Karinena

Kali is a sexy MILF grandma with a lascivious smile and jet black, shortly cropped hair who’s dressed in a sexy red-wine colored corset with black sheer stockings when she informs Jay that, if his dingus measures up, he can fuck her. If not, he has to go home, so no pressure. She graciously allows Jay to kiss and fondle her as he inflates this pud to its maximum limits. Fortunately, he passes the tape measure test and is rewarded by what looks to be quite a skilled blowjob before moving into a 69 so he can lap up the sweet dew off of her lily while she sucks his mighty meat stick. Wanting to toss his stiff wood into her fiery furnace to feed her burning desires, she mounts him in cowgirl, galloping towards orgasmic nirvana. Frankly, I can’t believe this gorgeous MILF is a grandma, especially with such a fine, firm ass and nice full, natural breasts that don’t sag, putting women half her age to shame. Plus she also seems to have twice the impassioned desire, as evidenced when she has Jay continue drilling her honey trap in doggie until she has a wondrously explosive orgasm. Undaunted, Jay continues plowing her pretty bald pussy in spoon, then reverse cowgirl, feeding her insatiable appetite for cock as she continues her exploding on his cock in a never ending stream of orgasms, which is too much for poor Jay to bear, as apparently her seasoned snatch tightens onto his cock like a vice every time she cums. So, unable to hold back any longer, he pumps her hot hungry hole in missionary as he readies his meat rocket for lift off, then lets loose a geyser of cream filling all over her boobs and belly, leaving them both glad that he measured up.

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Catrina Costa

Catrina is a hot, big-titted, blond grandma that likes it rough, so our generous gent throws her over his lap for a firm spanking to get her juices flowing before pushing her head down onto his steely shaft for the inspired blowjob. The more that the guy forces his cock down her throat until she gags, the more she gets off on it. Our guy is truly surprised at how tight her pussy is, for an older women who likes to fuck; she climbs onto his hefty rod for some hard riding cowgirl, then a reverse cowgirl that gives this insatiable nympho so many non-stop, screaming orgasms that they all seem to blend together into one long endless Big O. After taking a short break to lick and finger her pussy, much to her delight, he jumps back on for some pile driving hard missionary, then spoon while choking her, which she seems to enjoy almost as much as she does having her ass spanked hard as his power tool is slammed up her ravenous cock receptacle. Finally, he decides to spray his creamy slut syrup all over her face.

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Erica Lauren

Erica is a tall, blond vintage MILF, proving that there is truth to the old adage of a well-aged women being like a fine wine. She has a thing for younger guys, which her young stud is fortunate enough to reap the benefits of. After claiming to be old enough to be his hot horny grandmother, she wastes little time unfurling his rigid rod to show him the benefits of what a little aged experience can mean when it comes to well-seasoned, experienced cock sucking, and she does not disappoint. Her young paramour obviously enjoys being the recipient of her oral expertise as much as she enjoys sucking his eager young schlong. Wanting to put his prodigious pecker to good use, she has him slide his exuberant young dong into her closely cropped classic cunt in missionary so he can commence the unwavering, perpetual probing of her timeless, sacrosanct prime pussy, which she so desperately desires, before transitioning into spoon to continue doing the same. Before mounting him for a canter in cowgirl, she pauses to suck her pussy juice off his prick, and then kisses him so he can savor the sweet taste of her juices intermingled with the saucy flavor of his savory meat stick. Watching her ride him in cowgirl, I am reminded of the age old question, who knew a granny could have such a great ass? Being a woman who knows what she wants, she spins around to continue her licentious ride in reverse cowgirl so she can better enjoy the view of his robust fuck pole penetrating her quivering quim, and she seems genuinely surprised by his youthful stamina, strength, and enthusiasm as he does all the work, driving his steely shaft up into her dripping honey pot, which really sets her libidinous fires ablaze. Putting her into doggie, he power pumps her classic cunt until she explodes in a gut-wrenching, screaming orgasm, proving that this cock crazed MILF slut really does love to cum on young cocks and really can’t get enough, which her young stud proves when he brings her to another screaming orgasm so intense that she has to tap out because she can’t catch her breath. Having done his duty, a credit to his gender, the young gentleman leaves a tasty treat as a parting gift, firing his titanic load into her mouth until it overflows, dripping down her face and onto her breasts, to which she responds, “Young hard cock: you gotta love it.”

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Piper Perri January 23, 2017

Piper’s a pretty, young nubile nymphet with long blond hair, small tits, and a yummy shaved snatch, and she’s come to Jay, one of our resident cocksmen, for some advice. She’s supposed to get together with a guy who’s rumored to have a humongous dick, and she’s afraid that it won’t fit in her tiny, tight twat. Being the giver that he is, Jay offers to see if his cock will fit so as to help assuage her fears, but she only becomes more apprehensive when he takes out his own horse cock for her to suck, but she pushes through the nervousness, first trying to squeeze his jumbo sized Johnson into her mouth, to lube his stout appendage. Ready to put her to the test, he slowly eases his monumental manhood into her inch by inch while she grimaces, trying to stretch her tight young pretty pussy open for him until she finally relaxes enough for him to slide it all in. When she realizes that it’ll fit, she asks Jay to fuck her in more positions, faster and harder, as her date probably will. Always the helpful boy scout, Jay is only too happy to do his good turn for the day. He works his fat cock into her in missionary and then spoon, where he really lets loose pounding her sweet pussy like a jackhammer, much to her delight. She comes unglued, moaning and screaming in jubilation as he plows her honeyed hole with impassioned, fervent thrusts. Looking to try to take more control, Piper climbs onto him in cowgirl, vigorously riding his cock like a runaway slut train. She can’t seem to get enough, having discovered just how much she loves having a big dick slamming into her tiny hole as hard and fast as possible. She continues her ride in reverse cowgirl, fingering her engorged clit while she rides his wonder wang onto her own hedonistic benediction of bliss. Wanting to make sure she can handle all angles, Jay puts her in doggie, slamming his stalwart shaft deep into her moist cunt with maniacal fervor while ogling her lily white ass as he brings her to an explosive orgasm. Wanting to thank Jay for all he’s done, she decides to let him cum on her face, so he drills her in missionary as he works up a load, then pulls out and sprays his gooey goodness into her open mouth. A nympho slut is born!

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Daisy Haze January 16, 2017

OMG! Daisy’s a smoking hot, young, seductive, dark haired sexpot with a toned hard body, perfect small round tits, and a curious urge to see how a really big dick would feel stretching her tight, young pussy. Being the givers that we are, we supply Christian, our bald, hung like a horse, muscular Adonis, which fills her needs perfectly. There’s something about her look and breathy seductive voice that could turn on a rock at fifty paces, as she explains her need to satisfy her curiosity to Christian. Once she unfurls Christian’s monumental obelisk of lust, her eyes light up as a sluttish smile spreads across her face, and she descends upon it with a wolfish hunger, proving herself to be an oral artist of the highest caliber. This is a girl who could suck the proverbial chrome off of a bumper. She truly seems to get off forcing his jumbo sized Johnson down her sweet throat, as her eyes roll back in her head in ecstatic, delightful delirium. But that’s nothing compared to what she goes through when he lays her down in missionary after slowly easing his humongous monster cock up into her tiny love canal, seemingly making her swoon as his colossal cock slides deeper into her cave of earthly delights, inch by glorious inch. This young harlot looks to quickly be becoming a size queen, who can’t seem to get enough of his colossal horse cock as it stretches her tiny twat to its limits. After she savors licking her slut juice off of his wonder wang with a ravenous hunger, he drills her in spoon with a potent pounding while she feverishly fingers her larger than average, rock hard clit, bringing herself to multiple gut-wrenching orgasms. Then he puts her in doggie, slamming his meaty battering ram into her from behind while ogling her perfect tight round ass, taking her breath away with his powerful thrusting as she seems to slip into a drugged-like euphoric reverie. Transformed into some sort of primal beast, with her voice dropping an octave, she lets loose a deep guttural scream, professing her love for his huge cock insider her and that she wants and needs more of it. A big dick addict is born. Thankfully for us, Christian lets her ride his whopping donkey dick for a rambunctious gallop in cowgirl, showcasing her perfect, tight round ass bouncing on his prodigious pecker as she races to her euphorically debauched Elysium while her volcanically explosive orgasms increase in both frequency and intensity. Continuing to pulverize her pussy in reverse cowgirl, we not only see his hulking meat hammer slamming into her shaved, bald, honeyed hole, but also the awe inspiring, exquisite, contorted looks of the agony of ecstasy evoked upon her face as her entire body convulses with one gut-wrenching orgasm after another, with her eyes rolling back into her head, possessed by the passions consuming her. Unable to restrain himself, Christian fires a sturdy stream of his joy juice into her wide open slut mouth, which she eagerly catches with wholehearted zeal, milking every drop of jism from his fountain of joy with wide eyed sluttish satisfaction.

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Alex Tanner January 9, 2017

Alex is a pretty, sweet, young, tender, 18 year-old redhead, with a long, lean body, who wants to seduce our heavily hung hunk, apparently curious to try out the horse cock that he is reported to possess. After a brief introductory dialogue, our virile stud dives between her creamy white thighs to lap up the sweet nectar of her pretty, bald honey pot, painting her face with a sweet look of young rapture that is absolutely exquisite. With her sweet snatch now wet and warmed up, he eases his impressive member into her tiny, tight little hole despite her verbal apprehension that such a massive meat stick cannot possibly fit into her diminutive pink taco, but the rock hard nipples of her itty-bitty titties tell a different story, which he heeds by slowly sliding his monstrous member into her hungry hole, much to her delight, as she moans in ecstatic approval. After arousing her innermost passions with his massive member, he has her suck her sweet nectar from his potent prick, which she now does with wolfish gluttony. Now that her fires are set ablaze, he re-enters her in missionary, only this time he pounds her with fierce, unrelenting fanatical thrusts, driving her to the heights of hedonistic exultation, giving her some sort of religious experience in which all that she can say is, “Oh my God!”, over and over again as she shudders with one orgasmic release after another. Consumed by her unchained inner lust, this wanton young wench mounts his monumental fuck-pole in cowgirl, begging him to put it all the way in. Her sublime, firm round ass is a vision of loveliness as she rides his humongous horse cock, spurred onward by his fingering of her asshole as she gallops furiously towards the euphoric rapture that she is now obsessed with. Looking to rock her world, he spins her around into reverse cowgirl, firing his meat missile up into her with violent overwhelming thrusts, while she frantically fingers her clit, making her cum with volcanic, earth shattering intensity. She seems lost, carried away by the torrent of her desires, cumming out of control, with orgasms that shake her body like a rag doll that she no longer has any control of as he continues his merciless pounding in spoon. For the home stretch, he fucks her doggie, pounding her like a junk yard bitch in heat, making her cum with the fervent ardor of unbridled lust, as her face grimaces with the exorcism-worthy zeal of sublime possession by her own passions, until he finally blows his load into her mouth, which she then seductively licks from her lips with a satisfied sluttish smile.

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Sable Renae November 28, 2016

Sable is a dark red haired, good looking grandma who happily proclaims herself a slut and proud of it, bragging that she loves to fuck like a bunny. Not wanting to waste time with chit chat, she unfurls Eric’s rigid tallywacker to demonstrate her expertise in fellatio. Rock hard, Eric wants to be assured of a wet field before he commences plowing, so he lays her down to lick her ginormous, rock-hard clitoris, making her moan in reverie, giving him the green light to plow her fury furrow, which soon has her cumming like a banshee as she fervently rubs her gargantuan clitoris, fanning the flames of her primal lust. Continuing her cumming spree while riding his tool in reverse cowgirl, Eric is surprised at how tight her cunt feels, considering all the fucking she does. After sucking her cunt juice off of his cock, she hops back on for some inspired cowgirl, taking the pleasure she wants before Eric drops her into spoon for some jack rabbit fast slamming that literally makes her pussy sing. Her eyes roll back in her head as if she were possessed, while her cavalcade of orgasms continues unabated. Fixated on her tight, round ass, Eric puts her into a variation of reverse cowgirl so we can enjoy his POV, then he bends her over into doggie to drive her home, while he pins her arm back and she clutches her ass hard to spread her cheeks for him, which is the visual that ignites his fuse to spray his splooge all over her face.

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Dalny Marga November 21, 2016

Dalny is a recent divorcee who’s a tad shy about being horny and unfulfilled for a while, but our guy is only too happy to rectify the situation for this middle-aged tawdry tart with short-cropped blond hair, tight firm body, and a whore’s mouth that was made for cock sucking, which she is only too happy to use after her shaved snatch is properly licked. Aroused by his fucking her mouth with his mighty meat-stick, she eagerly hops onto it for a spirited ride in cowgirl. She gladly runs the gamut of missionary, spoon, doggie, and reverse cowgirl, reveling in having her under-used pussy properly plowed as she moans in delight and gratitude. The nice thing about fucking a good looking older woman is her appreciation of a good dick inside her, and Dalny shows that appreciation by taking every drop of his huge load into her cock hungry mouth.

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