Nelya Loves A Cum Cocktail

Nelya Jorden

Neyla is a delightful, young, tantalizing, brunette temptress, with tasty tiny tits, and a sublime, firm, round ass, who has the hots, for a repairman, who lacks the will power, to resist her blatant flirtatiousness. Following some sizzling foreplay, Neyla rapaciously, savors sucking his hefty, meat stick, with avid, epicurean relish, and adept oral virtuosity. Mounting his sizable, pleasure pole, in cowgirl, she ardently bounces on it, while moaning and crying out, in orgiastic exultation. He then, throws her down, on the bed, as his talented tongue expertly licks her bald, quivering quim, stirring her cauldron of lecherous longings, to a seething boil. Then, he brutishly plows his steely shaft, into her, in missionary, while she moans and wails, in decadent jubilation. Rolling her, into spoon, he barbarously drills his huge cock, into her sweet pussy, before re-positioning it, and vehemently driving it, up her back alley, which catapults, her into an altered state of moaning, screeching, dick revelry. After moving, into anal doggie, she wantonly thrusts her ass back onto him, moaning and yelping, with unchained, demonistic passions, as he resolutely pounds his stout shaft, into her ass. Then desperate, for a feeding, she frantically jerks off his dauntless dick, with both hands, while glutinously sucking her ass juice from it, until he releases a geyser of goo, into and all over her mouth, leaving her, with a big, happy, gooey smile on her face.
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