Candy Red Is A Red Hot Nubile Nymph

Candy Red

Candy is a young, beguiling, redheaded, sexual siren, who distracts her man, from his work, by sensually eating a strawberry, in such a suggestive way, that it is probably outlawed somewhere, in the world. Unable to resist, her amorous advances, he sits her, on the desk, licking her shaved snatch, in earnest, serenaded by her blissful moans. Then, he stands up, to diligently drive his prodigious prick into her, with machine gun like rapidity, while she rubs her clit, moaning and sighing, with impassioned ardor. She then, gluttonously, savors sucking her slut juice, from his turgid tool, with sluttish avarice, verve, and worshipful, cock adoration. Ready to drive her home, he barbarously slams his monster cock into her, in standing doggie, as she bends over a desk, looking luscious, moaning and yelping, with her untethered, primal passions unleashed. Mounted in cowgirl, on his towering tool, her heavenly ass, zealously humps him, as she gallops to her, lecherous Avalon, moaning and wailing, in debauched jubilation. Rolling her into spoon, he barbarically drills his pleasure pole, into her hungry hole, with savage fury, as she bellows and bawls, lost in an intoxicated, dick delirium. He then, rolls her, to lie flat, on her stomach, as he brutishly, pile drives his beef baton into her, moaning and squealing, in depraved rapture, until he pulls out, spray painting her ass, with a copious splattering of cum.

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