Victoria Is A Drop Dead Gorgeous Size Queen

Victoria Lawson

Victoria’s an alluring, vivacious, brunette hottie, playing a porn casting director, who is enthralled, by the humongous cock, of the guy, that she is interviewing. Driven by her sluttish yearnings, she ravenously sucks his demon cock, with rapacious avarice, verve, and masterful, oral virtuosity. Mounting his ivory tower of power, in cowgirl, her sublime ass, eagerly humps him, as she moans and cries out, in pornographic exultation. Then, she spins around, into reverse cowgirl, ferociously slamming her bald, man trap, onto his meat missile, as it fiercely fires into her, with fiery fervor, as she moans and wails, in depraved jubilation. Moving into doggie, he barbarically, pile drives his titanic tool, into her, unleashing a violent, screaming, soul wrenching, primal orgasm. Once in spoon, he barbarously, drills, his demon dick into her, as she frantically fingers her clit, bellowing and bawling, in a delirious, cock crazed daze, as screaming, exorcism worthy, orgasmic tsunamis, continuously engulf her. He then, aggressively plows his demon cock into her, in missionary, with machine gun like rapidity, making her cum, like a raving, screaming banshee. For the finale, he splatters her beautiful, all natural tits, with a copious coating of cum, leaving her, a beautiful, gooey vision, with a big, wicked smile, on her face.

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