For Fuck's Sake

Kimberly Clark

Kimberly is a young, winsome, small breasted, tattooed, brunette, nubile nymph, whose boyfriend catches her, as she brings herself, to a powerful orgasm, while masturbating, and suggests that the real thing, would be better, than her fingers. Enticed, she takes out his gigantic pecker, sensually, savoring sucking it, with sluttish epicurean zeal. Returning the favor, he masterfully licks her bald, honeyed hole, in earnest, as she writhes, and moans elatedly, erupting in a jaw dropping, explosive, screaming, gut wrenching orgasm. Then, he vigorously drives his demon cock, into her cave, of carnal wonders, in missionary, while she moans and sighs, with impassioned ardor. Then, mounted on his towering tool, in cowgirl, her sweet, round ass, exuberantly humps him, moaning and wailing, in salacious exultation, as she gallops, towards her libidinous Valhalla. Moving into doggie, he spiritedly pounds his monster cock into her, as she wantonly throws herself back onto him, moaning and yelping, with uncaged, demonistic passions, savoring his every virile thrust. Falling into spoon, he vibrantly drills his dynamic dick, into her, while she writhes in ecstasy, moaning and screeching, in hedonistic exaltation, until he lets loose a cataract of cum, that gushes down into, and all over her mouth, leaving her happily, glazed and dazed.

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