Torrid Three Satisfies Their Lusty Appetite

Kerry Slot, Cornelia

Kerry a young scintillating, redheaded, tantalizing teen, who is playfully feeding Cornelia, a precocious, young, brunette beauty, while their stud watches intently before they finally decide to join him, to satiate their sexual appetites. The three engage in some sensual foreplay, before Kerry begins sensually, savoring sucking his stout shaft, with sluttish epicurean relish. Cornelia soon joins her, intently sucking his savory sausage, as if it were the very source of life. These naughty, nubile nymphs totally get off, on sucking his dauntless dong and kissing each other passionately, in this delightful, double blow job. Then, Cornelia sits on his face, as he tries to eat his way to her heart, while Kerry exuberantly bounces her bald twat, on his potent prick, as the room is filled, with their rhapsodic moans of ecstasy. Cornelia then, vigorously slams her juice box onto his meat missile, in reverse cowgirl, moaning and crying out, in hedonistic exultation, as Kerry alternates between licking his balls and fingering her clit. After the girls move into a gorgeous 69, with Cornelia on top, he vehemently drives his meat saber into Cornelia, making her moan and wail, in sluttish jubilation, while Kerry alternates between licking her clit, and gluttonously sucking her pussy juice, from his dork. The girls then greedily suck his cock and lick his balls, until he finally unleashes a geyser of goo, into their mouths, and all over their faces, creating a gorgeous, gooey mess.

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