Ariana Is Drenched In A Downpour of Creamy Cum

Ariana Shaine

Ariana is a charming, young, brunette nymph, with creamy white skin, and a long, lean body. When her brawny, older stud arrives, she greedily sucks his big, fat cock, with sluttish, epicurean avarice, gusto, and glee. To show his appreciation, he masterfully licks her bald, honeyed hole, in earnest, making her writhe and moan ecstatically. Laying her back, in missionary, he vigorously pounds his beef baton, into her man trap, as she moans and sighs, with impassioned ardor. Then she goes, for a spirited ride in cowgirl, as he fervidly thrusts his towering tool, into her, while she moans and squeals, in salacious exultation. Moving into doggie, he barbarously slams his monster cock, into her, as she wantonly thrusts back onto him, moaning and yelping, with unrestrained, demonistic avarice. After moving her into spoon, he brutishly pile drives, his tallywhacker into her, as she fingers her clit, moaning ecstatically. Returning to reverse cowgirl, she wantonly slams her greedy twat, onto his fuck pole, moaning and screeching, in rapture, until he drenches her, raining down a monsoon of creamy cum, onto her chest, that leaves her happily, glazed and dazed.

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