Babe Gets Layed

Hunter Bryce

Hunter’s a dark haired, tanned and toned MILF with stunning T & A, and everything else, truly perfection personified in human flesh. In the brief intro, she admits to liking it rough, loving cock, and that she truly is an insatiable slut, which cues her boy-toy to commence doing his best to satiate her ravenous, licentious appetites. Anxious to get at her luscious body, he can’t remove her sexy white bikini fast enough. Spinning her around, he bends her over to lick and finger her pussy from behind, revealing an ass that is gorgeous. With his oral exploits having ignited her cock cravings, she spins around to suck his Johnson, with the rabid distress of a cock junkie desperately in need of a fix, until it is hard enough to break bricks. Not wanting to let a good piece of hard wood go to waste, she climbs onto it for a vigorous pummeling in cowgirl, slamming herself onto his pussy-pulverizer with such intensity that it probably triggered Richter scale warnings of an impending earthquake. Fortunately the one that erupts is her own fiery, explosive orgasm, which releases a torrent of pussy juice literally gushing across the room like a geyser. She was not lying when she said that she truly loves cock. Desperate to continue her cumfest, she spins around in reverse cowgirl to continue her hard hammering ride, bringing herself to yet another screaming, gut-wrenching, squirt gushing orgasm, firing a tsunami of cunt juice at our camera man, who I hope was wearing a raincoat. Drenched in her pussy juice, her muscular boy-toy throws her down into doggie, slamming his thick salami into her, giving rise to more intense orgasms, like a woman possessed by a sex-crazed, nymphomaniacal banshee. This foul-mouthed, insatiable, top model gorgeous, squirting slut is truly a breathtaking sight to behold. Thankfully, her young stud is up to the challenge of feeding her compulsion, as he continues pounding her pretty pussy in spoon, lifting her leg in the air to open her up, allowing our eyes to feast upon every splendiferous inch of her perfect, fuck machine anatomy. Not one to refuse a woman once she is begging for his cum, he fires a salvo of creamy slut sauce into her pretty, fuckable mouth. Having finally been satiated, at least for the time being, the contented countenance of a cum-addict who just scored a much needed fix wafts across her face.

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