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Ass Fucking a Cougar

First, my public service announcement: I’ve never said this before, I’ve having been doing this for a long time, and I’d thought that I’d seen it all, but this scene totally blew my mind. If it were up to me, I would have Nikki Hunter declared the eighth wonder of the world. I cannot endorse this scene strongly enough, as it is the hottest, nastiest porn scene of all time. Trust me, if you could only see one sex scene in your entire life, this is the one that you absolutely must see! Nikki’s a gorgeous, hard-bodied blond MILF who is built like a brick shit house, with the sex-crazed look in her eyes of a cock-addicted, insatiable slut. After a steamy intro of talking dirty to the camera while playing with herself, her hung hunk enters and abruptly pushes her to her knees and forces her head down onto his rock-hard pink cigar. Keeping her arms behind her back, as any well-trained submissive should, she totally gets off on being forcefully face fucked before having her mouth pushed all the way down onto his savory sausage, forcing her to deep throat every gagging inch of his massive manhood, which is the foreplay that sets her passions ablaze. Fired up, she mounts his penile power piston for some hard pounding cowgirl while he spanks her hard, sending her raw animal lust into overdrive as she humps his priapic wizard’s wand, working its magic in her cavern of carnal delights like a woman possessed. Spinning around for anal reverse cowgirl, as her frenzied fingers rub her shaved bedazzled snatch feverishly, she is transformed into some mythical fuck beast, part woman, part animal, part sex demon, gluttonously cumming again and again, or else having the longest non-stop orgasm in history. Sucking her cunt juice off of his giant schlong as he fucks her cock starved mouth and finger-fucks her is like throwing gasoline on a fire, making her cum like a freight train. In anal spoon, he finger fucks her cunt while she vigorously rubs her clit, as his weapon of ass destruction pulverizes her cock-craving asshole, extricating even more screaming orgasms from her. This scene is so hot you’d better wear asbestos shorts to watch it. At her urging, he alternates between fucking her pussy and ass in missionary. Although loving both, it is obvious that having her ass pounded with a big hard meat-stick is what sends her into the stratosphere. There should be a new entry in the dictionary under nympho anal slut, reading, “See Nikki Hunter,” as she must be seen to be believed. Before moving into a doggie anal, she pauses to suck her ass juice off of his cock for a glorious deep throating ATM, accompanied by the melodic sound track of gagging, slurping, and hard ass slapping, coupled with her moans of ecstasy. He finally blows a huge load all over her face and into her hungry, whore mouth, leaving her looking like a glazed donut as a look of satiated fulfillment washes over her smiling face, and she seductively looks into the camera, coquettishly admitting that she is a bad little anal whore. Truer words were never spoken!

Length: 30 Minutes Pics: 31