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Experienced Slut Takes the Bone

OMG! Diamond is a stunning, smoking, hot-toned, tanned, blond MILF who is berating her husband’s boss for sending her hubby out of town too often, leaving her home alone, horny and unsatisfied. The boss decides to help quench her fervent sexual fire by licking her pretty, shaved, pierced pussy, which really makes this tigress purr. With her fire stoked, she gives his meaty schlong a gorgeous-looking blow job. She honestly does look even more beautiful with a cock in her mouth, as it really brings out the color of her eyes, but this young entrepreneur can’t wait to get his putz in her pretty pink taco, so he bends her over his desk and takes her from behind in a standing doggie, giving her the arduous pounding that her cunt has so desperately been crying out for. Unable to decide which side has the better view to enjoy while he fucks her, looking at her perfect ass or her fabulous tits and goddess-like face, he makes an executive decision, opting to lay her in missionary then spoon on his desk, so he can enjoy the breathtaking view as she plays with her pierced clit, bringing herself to multiple orgasms as he plows his pleasure piston into her. Being a woman who knows what she wants, she seats him in his chair in order to straddle him in reverse cowgirl, riding his rigid rod to several more orgasms before spinning around for a fast, furious ride in cowgirl. Watching her perfectly-formed, firm, round apple bottom ass humping his towering tallywhacker a mile a minute as her passions explode in an endless cascade of pleasure is a mesmerizing sight to behold. Before moving back into doggie, she sucks her pussy juice off of his mighty manhood with the oral expertise of a consummate professional, but it is the sight of his cock coring her apple bottom ass from behind that pushes him over the edge, unleashing a geyser of spunk into her wide-open cum-receptacle of a mouth. With both their needs fully satisfied, they decide that the boss needs to send her hapless hubby out on several more very long road trips.

Length: 24 Minutes Pics: 32