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Serving Up Some Pussy

Veronica is a raven-haired, nasty-talking MILF with an extremely fuckable, T&A body that was built for sin. After a brief teasing dialogue with the camera, her strapping, muscular, hung stud enters and immediately bends her over to lick her juice box from behind while spanking her ass, which is apparently how to get her motor started, as she can’t get his donkey-sized dick out of his pants and down her throat fast enough. Fortunately, her manly, muscular Adonis enjoys manhandling and dominating this sexy she devil the way she likes. Apparently those muscles are not just for show, as he picks her up and spins her around like a rag doll so she can suck his cock upside down while he eats her cunt in midair. The he throws her down on the bed so she can mount his power piston for a robust reverse cowgirl pounding, slamming his third leg into her with such intensity that she starts to speak in tongues before spinning around for some riotous cowgirl, galloping towards some sort of carnal nirvana. The burly Olympian stands up while she’s still impaled on his horse cock, and she continues frenziedly grinding her cunt onto his engorged love muscle. Fucking like two manic beasts unable to get enough of one another, Veronica explodes in multiple, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms as the guy potently pummels her pussy in spoon before flipping her over into doggie to give her hungry hole the hardcore pile driving that she so desperately desires, drilling her cock socket as if he were drilling to China. Throwing herself back onto his monster cock like a bitch in heat, Veronica and the dude may have triggered an earthquake warning on the Richter scale readings. Moving back into missionary with the babe’s legs pointing towards the ceiling, the stud pounds her as if he were reliving his college days, driving his penile pigskin thru her shapely goalposts for another touchdown. Pulling her ankles down to cover her ears as he continues punishing her pussy, she explodes in another ecstatic orgasm. Unable to resist her greedily begging for his cum, he lets loose a geyser of creamy slut sauce, filling her mouth until it drips out over lips and down her chin, and she gives a satiated sticky slut smile to the camera.

Length: 24 Minutes Pics: 21